Remote work has changed our work-life balance in numerous ways as more individuals adapt to the “new normal”. Working from home allows you to spend more time with your family, eliminates commute time, and gives you more free time to pursue your passions. Working remotely means logging in from any location with Wi-Fi. This means you can finally take that much-anticipated vacation without being concerned about falling behind on your job or running your business. At Robins Equity Group Ltd., we have rentals across PEI and down south in sunny Reunion Resort, Florida. Each offering a unique memorable experience without compromising on Comfort, cleanliness, and luxury.
Florida is the ideal holiday spot for those who want to work remotely while having access to activities for the whole family, because there are many fantastic theme parks, water parks, and restaurants to discover. What’s a better office view than a beautiful pool and golf course? At Castle Pines Cove, we have a large table underneath the lanai that makes for the perfect outdoor office. Spread out your papers and make use of the spacious work area. If background noise helps you work, tune into your favourite channel on our outdoor tv. The lanai provides perfect shade, so your computer receives no glares from the sun. A fan is attached to the ceiling to keep you cool so you can focus on the tasks ahead of you. On your break, soak up the sun in one of the loungers, float around the pool, and take in the beauty of Castle Pines Cove. When the day is finally done, take advantage of your Reunion Resort access and explore the on-site dining and activities.
Our properties in PEI, Rigs Ladder & Cannon Creek, are both waterfronts with stunning views. The sound of the water hitting the red sand shore makes for the perfect background noise and doubles as a stress reliever when you need a break. At Cannon Creek, we have a tranquil screened-in sunroom with adjustable vinyl windows allowing you to control the breeze and work with a stunning view. Upon entry, the comfort of Rig’s Ladder welcomes you to a state of relaxation. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the ocean view through the large windows. Use the table and chairs on the deck and work in the open air to maximize the gorgeous island views. End your workday by treating yourself to PEI’s famous muscles and oysters fresh from the ocean, but don’t let the thought of the delicious meal distract you from working! Both properties are spacious and will give you the peace and quiet you deserve to accomplish and conquer everything you need. Even though you are still working on your holiday, we guarantee you will leave refreshed.
While enjoying the beautiful views at our rentals, features like high-speed internet and private bedrooms allow you to stay connected while maintaining productivity. Working from our rentals will enable you to think clearly and with new perspectives. The views are nothing short of spectacular and are sure to inspire your best work. Take a break from your home office and make the most of Working from home by day, and vacationer at night!
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