About us

Since being founded in 2020, Robins Investments Ltd. has expanded across 4 Canadian provinces and Florida, United States. From day 1, the vision has always been to elevate the standard of Real Estate and Land Development. We work with the community and city officials to improve the development area and the surrounding community’s economic growth. As our portfolio grows, quality always holds true as it is one of the core values this company is based on. In addition to real estate and land development, we offer a variety of vacation homes in desired locations with amenities for everyone in Canada and Florida, USA. Our homes are carefully picked or built to ensure our company’s high standards are evident at each one. At Robins Investments, we are proud to have a place where families come together to create lifelong memories.

In August 2022, our newest investment, Lounge Thirty-Three, opened its doors, creating the first upscale casual dining restaurant experience in downtown Delhi in addition to an event center – Capitol Thirty-Three. Our vision is to bring Norfolk County together in a place fun, premium service, and delicious meals meet.

The community is our priority, whether it is real estate, land development, or investing in a new venture. Our business model revolves around bettering the lives of the people in the communities we are a part of. We are committed to expanding our portfolio and are excited about the future of Robins Investments.

Meet the Team


CEO Mike Robins founded Robins Investments in 2020. He still lives 10 minutes away from the small lakeside beach town he grew up in, and he was able to watch the community evolve as he grew. As intimidating as it was at the time, expansion and tourism improved the quality of life for residents and kept the feel and traditions of the town alive. These values were his inspiration for Robins Investments, and they are the heart of all his projects. Mike’s goal has always been to elevate the standard of real estate and land development. He believes working with the community and city officials to bring a product that not only improves the development area but improves the economic growth of the surrounding community without sacrificing what makes our communities great.


Ayman is the team’s business mastermind. After a career in wealth management, he found his broader goals aligned with Robins Investments, where he is now Chief Operations Officer. London born and bred, he has studied some of the world’s finest achievements in architecture and landscaping firsthand. Ayman is passionate about executing strategic milestones by delegating the right party for the job. Whether it’s developing, building, or selling, he’s always a fan of standing out, and he loves delivering premium services and getting to add that special something to a community.


Hailing from Strathroy, Krystal is a proud part of the accounting and administration department. She joined the team when she was looking for an exciting venture in her field where she could be part of a small but growing group. Krystal finds beauty in both the landscaping aspect of the job and Canada’s gorgeous changing of seasons. At the end of the day, Krystal is a trendsetting people-person who loves being able to develop the land, the growing company, and her career at the same time.


Mikayla joined the team in 2022 and is the creative face behind all things marketing at Robins Investments Ltd. She has always loved seeing her visions come to life through her work. She enjoys the diversity of industries the company offers her to put her creative touch on. From real estate to vacation rentals and now a restaurant, Mikayla is continuously growing and learning to fit each industry’s different needs. Growing up in the small, beautiful town of Paris, Ontario. Mikayla understands the importance of community; her values align with the company’s vision to better the lives of all communities and partners we work with.

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