Who Are We?

 Founded by Mike Robins, Robins Equity continually works on building and bettering communities through land development, real estate and venture capital. We currently have development projects and rentals across Canada and one in the United States. We are constantly expanding to better the lives of those in our communities. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate and construction industry, we are a trusted resource for your development and equity needs.

Robins Equity Group LTD.
Private Equity Group in simcoe, Ontario

Our Focus

development projects

We specialize in developing premier residential properties.

Real Estate

A beautiful home for your perfect living with a friendly neighborhood.

Venture Capital

Whether it be land acquisition or starting a business, we’re here for whatever you need.

Development projects

It starts with the acquisition of a premium piece of land. Then we prep the lot for development. Through due diligence, research, and networking with our partners and local experts, we assess the work that needs to be done and put the vision into motion. You can choose to build your property on our sought-after land or let us help you paint a picture-perfect location for your community.

Rental properties

Whether you’re renting year-to-year or looking for a short family getaway, we have a wide selection of properties across Canada and a villa in Reunion, Florida. We carefully chose our properties with amenities in mind, so no, matter where you decide to stay, there always is something to do. We go above and beyond to ensure everything you could ever need is provided, so all you have to worry about is enjoying yourself. Our commitment to delivering an unmatched guest experience sets our rentals apart from everyone else. We work tirelessly to ensure that you leave with lifelong memories no matter what property of ours you are staying at. 

Venture Capital

As the old saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work. By working with local experts, we select the ideal plots of land and the finest hardware suppliers to bring your community’s dream destinations to life. Are you a property manager with big ambitions? Whether it be land acquisition or starting a business, we’re here for whatever you need. Connect with us to expand your portfolio and be a part of some fantastic building projects

Our Portfolio
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